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Why you should stop cramming for exams

Updated: Feb 16, 2019

Ohh My god..soo much to study..soo much of work..exams on head..cannot remember anything..cannot eat..cannot sleep..getting dark circles..and ruining social life.

This is what exactly happens few days before exams. The major Problem a student faces is end moment preparations which leads to stress,anxiety and depression.

All students need to understand that exams are not announced a day before,So by smart planning everything is manageable.

but still if u are in a situation of end moment preparation,breathe first and stop worrying,things wont change.

So the solution to this is to stop cramming..understand the concepts,go slow,gain your own confidence first,once it is done you are in peace with yourself

Now still there is lot to study,will you be able to fininsh it??

may be you wont be able to finish it,but the one who tries is the one who succeeds..

Identify the concepts which are less important,identify the chapter which you know very well,identify the chapters which may need revision,identify the chapters which you dont know.

If Time permits the flow of your studying should be

1. Things you dont know and are important

2. Things which need revision and are important

3. Revision of things which you know

4. Things which are less important

This method is well tested and implemented by hundreds of students.

May the joy and success be with you ;-)

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