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Choose your Plan for Physics

  • Foundation 8/9/10th

    Every month
    Perfect Plan for early stage IIT JEE, NEET, CET aspirants
    Valid for 10 months
    • Complete Physics development
    • Free Exceptionally designed Foundation study material
    • Fun with Physics sessions
    • Hands on MCQ preparation from eary stage
    • Help in existing preparation
    • Ideal for State boards, ICSE, CBSE, IGCSE
  • Offline JEE/NEET/CET

    Every month
    Perfect Plan For Entrance
    Valid for 15 months
    • FYJC and HSC preparation
    • JEE/CET or NEET Preparation
    • Private one on one session
    • All session's by Prof.Aman
    • Lectures at Student's Location in Mumbai
    • Free access to online video lecs
    • Use of visuals for teaching
    • 2-3 sessions every week
  • Offline 12th boards

    Every month
    Perfect For board exam
    Valid for 10 months
    • Hsc Preparation
    • Private One on One session by Prof.Aman
    • Use of visuals for teaching
    • Lecture's at Student Loaction in Mumbai
    • Weekly 2-3 sessions
  • Online Boards & CET

    Entire Physics and MHTCET Course live on zoom app
    Valid for 10 months
    • All session live by prof.Aman
    • Lectures on zoom App
    • Use of visuals for Teaching
    • Techniques to upgrade score
    • Weekly 3 sessions*
    • Not more than 20 students per batch
    • All notes by Prof Aman in PDF form will be given
    • Home evaluation and complete testing
    • Just a Creative Virtual classroom
    • Free access to video section for doubts
  • Online JEE/NEET/CET

    Every month
    Valid for 18 months
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