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Plan your Quarantine #JEE #NEET #MHTCET


This pandemic outbreak had a great impact on the world at all levels. There might be a severe breakdown of the economy, as well as slow down of multiple industries and lives of human beings.

But indeed every problem has some solution, cause of which we are in 21 days lockdown phase to control the situation, which may even exceed if needed.

So this should be boon in a disguise for engineering and medicine entrance students.

The best part is you can utilize this entire phase of quarantine and stand apart from the entire mob appearing for this coming 2020 April and may entrance examinations.


Note- Please make sure you read this entire plan of action proposed


Ok, so things are very much simple and basic. Just a bit of calculation and BOOM!! you are done

Now let us divide the 24hr time during this quarantine phase.

24 hours

  • 8 hrs - sleep (let's assume we are lazy)

  • 1 hr - daily chores

  • 1 hr - Lunch, dinner, breakfast

  • 2 hr - leisure

  • 1 hr - miscellaneous

OK, till now the calculated time is 13 hrs, and we don't do anything more in this phase.

So still we are left with 11 hrs.

And this is the thing, the planning point.

Plan this 11 hrs wisely.

Cause this will make you stand apart from the crowd.


Now all you got to do is divide the three subjects physics, chemistry, maths or biology

according to prior preparation.

Take 3 chapters a day, |1 phys|1 chem|1 maths/bio|

i.e 3 hrs for 1 chapter, Total time=9 hrs (for 3 chapters)

(Note - Select the 3 chapters based on the difficulty level).

And still, you are left with 2 more hours which will be utilized for in-between breaks and extra time for larger chapters.

So for the next 20 days, you will be effectively utilizing 180 hours which indeed is the great step.

Now the next question goes, how to finish 1 chapter in 3 hrs!!

The answer to this is again a bit of mathematical calculation.

let us take an example

If there are 200 MCQ's in a chapter, then all you got to do is solve even number questions or odd number questions. ;-)

So you will be solving only 100 questions and also all types of questions are covered.

NOTE- The main concern is to cover end to end chapter

Now, this was the main part of the blog, the above method is tested and implemented.

For books to refer,

JEE Mains/NEET - USS, Cengage

MHT-CET - Marvel.

All the best!

For more assistance and help, please visit, and also you can write me there for live sessions on any topic of physics.


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