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Love for Entrance,Plan of action!


The beginning of entrance week and there is soo much of stress amongst the students!

All you need is to calm down and the best planning to get a better rank even if you have not started preparing for entrance exam.


I have divided this blog in 3 section's 1.JEE 2.NEET 3.CET and real hard work and time dedication is required.


  • Week 1- Time for extreme hardwork! In this week try to solve and revise concepts from 11th standard(NCERT textbook). As JEE mains will be based on NCERT syallabus try reading NCERT textbook and solve questions from the reference book you are comfortable with, preferablly USS. Solve all even no. or odd no. questions as it will be time saviour and you can complete the chapter end to end with half no. of MCQ's solved. Per day 3 chps (1phys,1chem,1maths)

  • Week 2-Few of you might have board exam of IT or CS so your time will be occupied there.But 2nd week atleast half of 12th standard syallabus should be done. with completion of this week you will gain confidence as 75% syallabus will be done.

  • Week 3-Completion of leftover syallabus and revision of less confidednt topics.

  • Week 4-Revision mode for less confident topics and Mock test period.Also solve all previous year questions of jee mains.

Example of planning chapter wise

Week 1

Mathematics: Coordinate geometry, Trigonometry, Sequences and Series, Functions.

Physics: Mechanics, Thermodynamics, Oscillation & waves.

Chemistry: Class 11th inorganic, GOC, Hydrocarbons, Mole concept and redox, Chemical bonding and molecular structure, Thermodynamics.

Week 2

Mathematics: Permutations and combinations, Probability, Differential calculus, Binomial theorem, 3 D geometry and vector algebra.

Physics: Electricity and magnetism, EMI, AC.

Chemistry: Inorganic, Atomic structure, states of matter, Solutions, Kinetics, electrochemistry, surface chemistry.

Week 3

Mathematics: Integral calculus, Differential equations, Matrices and Determinants, Limit, continuity & differentiability.

Physics: Modern physics, Optics, Semiconductors, Communication systems.

Chemistry: Alcohols, Phenols & ethers, Aldehydes & ketones, Carboxylic acids, Organic compounds containing nitrogen, Biomolecules, Polymers and Qualitative analysis, Coordination compounds.



India is in need for good doctors and this is one of the most difficult entrance exam for career in medicine.

  • March-This month is the month of maximum utilization. Take a reference book and solve end to end questions from every chapter preferablly MTG. All the left over syallabus shoud be completed one time before 25th March and keep 5 days buffer. Planning should be 3 chapters per day (1phys,1chem,1bio). If you are left with more syallabus then solve all even questions or odd questions from reference book,as this will save time. Remember that all students in INDIA appearing NEET know chemistry and biology, If you want rank workout on your physics.

  • April-Till 20th of april you can revise the concepts in which confidence is low and then revise concepts with more confidence. Then solve previous year questions or other reference book.

  • End April-May Revise and practise as much as you can with full energy as it is high time. Start giving mock tests. Minimum 10-15 mock tests must be given before NEET exam.



  • March- Remember that textbook is everything for CET. Maharashtra candidates who wants to pursue engineering or Pharmacy in Maharashtra need to focus majorly on CET. So March is the revision phase and MCQ solving phase. Try to complete entire syallabus 1 time before 28th of march keeping 2 days buffer from March. Preferable reference book is MARVEL. Planning should be 3 chapters per day (1phys,1chem,1maths/bio).

  • April- Revision phase and soving other reference book. As you are done with 1 reference book, to get more exposure try solving other reference book eg Target for CET. This will raise the confidence bar. The completion should be till 25th april.

  • April end till CET-Practise and revise. Try giving multiple mock test. To score above 150, one should give atleast 2 mock test for 10 days which turns out to be 20 mock test.



  1. We will be providing with mock exams very soon at a very nominal cost in our shop section,stay tuned for it.

  2. The video lectures in our video section is free for all students. To access please signup and mail to within a day you will be getting access to all videos.

Remember, there is nothing like luck,the only key to success is Hard work and practise.
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