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Plan of Action #25/2/2019 Physics

Updated: Feb 20, 2019

Board Exams!!

A very crucial and most important phase of a student life.

HSC board exams starting from 21/2/19 and physics exam is on 25/2/19.

Due to change in exam pattern I came across multiple students who are scared of the new pattern or may be less prepared to appear for the exams.

Wasting no time,here is the plan of action to prepare for boards specially physics examination!


  • 21/2/2019- English exam till 2pm. On this day preferably one should try studying chemistry as Chemistry exam has only 1 day leave which may create a mess and cramming. Students should prefer studying the concepts in which they are less confident for chemistry.

  • 22/2/2019-This is the most important day..and start of Physics..As there are 20 Chapters in Physics..I assume 10 chapters will be done throughly and rest 10 chapters will be the less confident one's. This is the day where students should prefer studying 10 chapter in which they are less confident and the preparation should be such that the numericals from text book, i.e solved and unsolved questions both should be done along with chapter completion.

  • 23/2/2019-Previous day was a bit hectic but this day preferably you should study the rest 10 chapters in which the confidence bar is good enough along with all text book numericals,i.e solved and unsolved questions of text book.

  • 24/2/2019-A day to chill.. Previous day you are done with entire physics syallabus once and now its time to brush up the concepts and revise all things back.

  • 25/2/2019- D day ahead..Stay calm,stay happy,dont panic,trust yourself! You have prepared well.Perform well ALL THE BEST

  • Note-It is advisory NOT to leave any concepts for option. Read everything you can

Below is the availabe link of textbook numericals


Link for solved textbook numericals.

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