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Why you should NOT have student study groups

Updated: Feb 19, 2019

Group studying!!!

A boon or a curse?

Well it all depends upon what type of student you are :-D

But the one's who are preparing for competitive exams should not have study groups!

definitely its a curse!


The reason being..competitve exams are not like normal theory exams or board exams conducted by state..

About a million students appear for such exams and every student,your class mate,your friend is your competitor..soo the name competitive exam!

Basically it has MCQ's and they also have negative marking.

The questions asked are highly based on concepts.

So no friend or group studying is gonna help,as it you and yourself your individual personality,your problem solving skills and your own way of thinking for a problem.

Doubts could be solved in groups but it is highly recommended to be an individual and have the best problem solving skills to get a better rank

All the best!!

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